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Baseline Plus provide specialist Behavioural Detection services around the globe.

Recognised as an international authority on the subject, we support government agencies and corporate organisations through the delivery of Behavioural Detection training, operatives and consultancy services.
Our current operational contracts include providing operatives to some of the largest and most recognised sporting events and teams, training to border security and government intelligence officials and full BD programmes for multinational telecommunications companies.
Our activities and practises are regarded as world leading; we provide briefings and keynote talks at numerous events and summits across the globe including at The Hague and to the EC in Brussels. Our award-winning specialist teams continue to work closely with government agencies to support the development of their understanding of Behavioural Detection both at an academic and operational level.
It is our aim to continue the enhancement of our already formidable reputation by offering services and expertise that are second to none.
Behavioural Detection can be used to deter hostiles whilst reassuring the public, staff and other site users. Correctly implemented, Behavioural Detection has no negative impact on other operational capabilities and as it is deployed with a customer service approach, the introduction of Behavioural Detection regularly benefits the customer experience at a site.
*HM Government. Behavioural Detection - Best practice, guidance and advice


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Baseline Plus Limited, Registered in England and Wales, Company No. 10687268 Registered office: 9 Donnington Park, 85 Birdham Road, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 7AJ.

Baseline are registered with the International Association of Behaviour Detection and Analysis as a provider of training, resource and consultancy services